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The Top 20 Richest MMA Fighters in the World




Are you looking for the richest MMA fighters in the world?

MMA fighters are hard-core wrestlers who earn a living by fighting for championships.

The sport was once considered “inferior” to its counterparts – such as the likes of Boxing and other WWE affiliated sports.

But today, it has become a major entertaining hub and a lucrative industry with fighters flooding in with numbers.

MMA fans may know who’s the toughest to beat but the richest might pose a problem.

In this post, we will be dealing with the top 20 richest MMA athletes in the world.

Let’s go!

20. Michael Bisping

Net Worth: $9 Million

Kicking off the list of the top 20 richest MMA fighters in the world is Michael Bisping.

The sportsman is an English pundit, entertainer and former mixed martial artist.

19. Jose Aldo

Net Worth: $9 Million

With an estimated net worth of $9 Million, Jose Aldo has earned the right to be among the 20 richest MMA fighters.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist has won several record champion before bowing out of the game.

18. Junior Dos Santos

Net Worth: $10 Million

Junior Dos Santos is one of the decorated MMA fighters.

The Brazilian is presently rated as the 4th MMA athlete on the UFC Heavyweight hierarchies.

One of his favourite quotes opines that:
“When you believe in something, and you are a good person, good things happen.” – Junior Dos Santos

17. Jon Bones Jones

Net Worth: $10 Million

Jon Bones Jones is the 17th richest MMA fighters in the world.

The American is one of the best athletes in the industry but in 2015, allegations of drug used to boost performance were labelled against him.

This is believed to be the only drawback of his fine career.

16. Chael Sonnen

Net Worth: $10 Million

Joining the $10 Million crew, Chael Sonnen is one of the top richest MMA fighters in the world.

The American sports-man has competed in several platforms which span across WEC, UFC and Pancrase.

His favourite and Inspirational quote state that:

“They’ll tell you failure is not an option. That is ridiculous, failure is always an option. Failure is the most readily available option at all times. But it’s a choice. You can choose to fail or you can choose to succeed.” – Chael Sonnen

15. Frank Mir

Net Worth: $11 Million

Frank Mir is a former record-breaking UFC wrestler.

The American now trade in Bellator MMA Heavyweight division. His favourite quote says:

“You know what the true definition of hell is? It’s when you die, you get to meet the person you could have been.” – Frank Mir

14. Ronda Rousey

Net Worth: $12 Million

Ronda Rousey is the top and first female richest MMA fighter in the world.

The American mixed martial artist is also an actress. She previously competed in Judo but today, she is a decorated female fighter.

13. Quinton Rampage Jackson

Net Worth: $12 Million

Quinton Rampage Jackson is the 13th top richest MMA fighter in the world.

The American is a retired WWE superstar and is also an actor who has featured in several movies.

He is powered by an approximated net worth of $12 Million.

12. Chuck Liddell

Net Worth: $14 Million

Chuck Liddell was one of the skilled MMA fighters in the world.

The American sportsman also competed in UFC; his excellent display of athleticism earned him the right to be among UFC Hall of Fame.

11. Tito Ortiz

Net Worth: $15 Million

Tito Ortiz was a professional UFC wrestler.

Most of the athlete’s matches were widely watched especially on events such as Pay-Per-View (PPV).

He has an approximated net worth of around $15 Million and is the former UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion.

10. Randy Couture

Net Worth: $17 Million

Randy Couture is a man of many talents. The American is an actor, retired mixed martial artist and a former US Army Sergeant.

He had captured six UFC championship during his time and has a remarkable net worth of around $17 Million.

9. Wanderlei Silva

Net Worth: $18 Million

Coming in next on the list, Wanderlei Silva is the 9th richest MMA fighters in the world.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist is one of the most decorated fighters in history and taking a close look at his CV will verify this.

He holds the title of the most victories, Combat knockouts, successful title defences, and the lengthiest undefeated streak in the history of PRIDE.

8. Fedor Emelianenko

Net Worth: $18 Million

Fedor Emelianenko is one of the most award-winning richest MMA fighters in the world.

The Russian mixed martial artist currently trades for Bellator MMA Championships.

Also winning the “Fight of the Decade in the 2000s, his favourite quote says:

“Most importantly, you have to stay true to yourself as well as those fans who made you who you are as an athlete.” – Fedor Emelianenko

7. Anderson Silva

Net Worth: $18 Million

Anderson Silva was one of the best MMA fighters in history.

The top richest athlete is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who has created a record in UFC.

He has successfully defended 10 titles – which is matched by a performance that saw him on a 16 game winning streak.

6. BJ Penn

Net Worth: $22 Million

Comfortably claiming the sixth spot on the list of the top richest MMA fighters is BJ Penn.

The American mixed martial artist has garnered a net worth of about $22 million.

One of his favourite quotes says: “In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, you get the women.” – BJ Penn

5. Brock Lesnar

Net Worth: $28 Million

Stage-named ” the beast”, Brock Edward Lesnar is one of the most decorated fighters of all time.

The American wrestler is a soccer footballer and currently trades for the WWE.

4. George St. Pierre

Net Worth: $30 Million

With a total net worth of around $30 Million, George St. Pierre is the 4th top richest MMA fighter in the world.

He is a Canadian mixed martial artist who is deemed to have a special zeal for fighting – as evident in his (boxing) stage performance.

The Canadian has captured three UFC Welterweight Championship.

3. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Net Worth: $30 Million

Next on the list, Khabib Nurmagomedov is among the top three richest MMA fighters in the world.

The Russian is a skilled mixed martial artist who is currently the longest defending champion in MMA – with 28 consecutive wins.

2. Rorian Gracie

Net Worth: $50 Million

Missing the top spot on the list, Ronan Gracie is the second top richest MMA fighter in the world.

The Brazilian-American is the co-founder of the UFC and is also involved in other artistic professions.

This includes writing, lecturing, publishing and is also a producer.

Currently, the fighter has a net worth of around $50 million and his favourite quote states that:

“In life, nothing happens to you. It happens for you.” – Rorian Gracie

1. Conor McGregor

Net Worth: $110 Million

Conor MacGregor is the top richest MMA fighters in the world.

The experienced Irish Combatant is in the UFC division. The story about his rose in fame started from his boxing debut against the world renounced “Floyd Mayweather.”

This match gave him a majority of his $110 Million but notwithstanding, he is one of the best boxers in history.


Most of the MMA fighters on the list has a majority of their financial success outside their champion heavyweight titles and award.

The figures indicated and MMA mentioned is what currently stands.

Here is a timely reminder of the top 20 richest MMA fighters in the world:

S/NMMA FighterNet Worth
1.Conor McGregor$110 Million
2.Rorian Gracie$50 Million
3.Khabib Nurmagomedov$30 Million
4.Georges St. Pierre$30 Million
5.Brock Lesnar$28 Million
6.BJ Penn$22 Million
7.Anderson Silva$18 Million
8.Fedor Emelianenko$18 Million
9.Wanderlei Silva$18 Million
10.Randy Couture$17 Million
11.Tito Ortiz$15 Million
12.Chuck Liddell$14 Million
13.Quinton Rampage Jackson$12 Million
14.Ronda Rousey$12 Million
15.Frank Mir$11 Million
16.Chael Sonnen$10 Million
17.Jon Bones$10 Million
18.Junior Dos Santos$10 Million
19.Jose Aldo$9 Million
20.Michael Bisping$9 Million

Do you agree with the list? Let’s hear from you.

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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