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Top 20 Richest Football Clubs in the World




Which are the top richest football clubs in the world?

If it’s not enough that the beautiful game of football has been a memorable watch for decades, they pay soccer stars very handsomely.

Every player dreams of playing for a top club for high pay at one point in their career.

Across the European league – spanning from EPL to La Liga, there exist a stern competition on who has the bragging rights in terms of financial power and capacity.

Since the advent of the Coronavirus, major clubs have suffered losses but some has regained their status after a difficult period.

Listed below are the top 20 richest football clubs in the world:

1. Barcelona

Total revenue: €715.1 Million

Barcelona FC is a team that is capable of pulling off any transfer stint in Europe.

Despite housing one of the world’s richest athletes in the person of Lionel Messi, the Spanish club has not shown any sign (so far) of letting go off the hook.

They have won several European trophies including the prestigious champions league and have a total revenue that is worth €715.1 Million despite their high expenses.

2. Real Madrid

Total revenue: €714.9 Million

For years now, the battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid in terms of dominance and monetary power is still a force.

Some may argue that the departure of Christiano Ronaldo might affect the club’s value but figures strongly agree that they are still a force in the European market.

The 13-time Champions League winner has gained a massive €714.9 Million in revenue, cementing their spot among the top richest football clubs in the world.

3. Bayern Munich

Total revenue: €634.1 Million

Bayern Munich is the third team among the top richest football clubs in the world.

They are known to be silent spenders are not known for huge signings.

Despite this, they play a very attractive and attacking style of football and sits among top European elites club.

4. Manchester United

Total revenue: €580.4 Million

Recently, Manchester United have lost their flare in England but they remain a top team in terms of the number of trophies won.

They have starved themselves of trophies since 2013 despite big signings like Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes to mention but few.

But despite recent disappointments on the field, the red devil still earns total revenue of €580.4 Million to maintain their place on the top richest football clubs in the world.

5. Liverpool

Total revenue: €558.6 Million

After waiting for more than two decades, Liverpool finally captured the English Premier League in 2020.

Their 2019 Champions League triumph strongly indicated that the red has been transformed under the tutorship of Jurgen Klopp who has the attacking trio of mane, salah and firmino to thank for.

Liverpool is no big spenders but has managed the little they have to produce the best of results.

6. Manchester City

Total revenue: €549.2 Million

Manchester City is among the top six richest football clubs in the world.

The citizens who were ranked 16th in 2011 have transformed rapidly since the arrival of the world’s renounced Pep Guardiola.

Now, they play good football worthy to be watched and has also won several domestic trophies.

The city is not known for big signings but they are in a position to do so if they wish.

7. Paris Saint-Germain

Total revenue: €540.6 Million

Paris Saint-Germain shocked the world when they signed Neymar from Barcelona in a world-record fee.

The France champions have tried so hard to win the Champions League, a trophy that has eluded them of European glory.

They came close in 2020 but despite losing to Bayern, they are still a force in Europe.

With total revenue of €540.6 Million, P.S.G sits among the top richest football clubs in the world.

8. Chelsea

Total revenue: €469.7 Million

As far as the top richest European football clubs in the world is concerned, Chelsea is involved.

Since being bought by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, the blues have won several trophies and have gained a reputation for sacking underperforming coaches.

9. Tottenham

Total revenue:€445.7 Million

Tottenham have been known for playing beautiful football since the current coach of P.S.G, Pochechito took over.

They have acquired a new stadium and are always a champions league favourite.

Spurs do spend big but the English team have not lost in a broader sense, gaining a total revenue of €445.7 Million.

10. Juventus

Total revenue: €397.9 Million

Juventus are serial winners of the Italian Seria A but the champions league still eludes them.

The old ladies have signed Christiano Ronaldo to help their cause but no positive result has come yet.

Nevertheless, they boast of a total generated revenue of €397.9 Million.

11. Arsenal

Total revenue: €388 Million

Arsenal is one of the top richest football clubs in the world.

Though in recent times, the gunners have been known to be more associated with the Europa League still, they have incurred no loss by doing so.

12. Borussia Dortmund

Total revenue: €365.7 Million

Borussia Dortmund competes with the fellow German club, Bayern Munich for trophies and bragging rights.

The signature of Haaland, Sancho and other young talents have brightened the club’s European aspiration.

The German club has generated total revenue of €365.7 Million to book a spot on the list of the top richest football clubs in the world.

13. Atletico Madrid

Total revenue: €331.8 Million

Atletico Madrid is one of the top Spanish clubs.

They are modest in terms of trophies but do spend big on signings.

Atletico has generated total revenue of €331.8 Million.

14. Inter Milan

Total revenue: €291.5 Million

Inter Milan is one of the top richest football clubs in the world.

They are close to capturing the 2021 Seria A title and have acquired the services of Lukaku, Sanchez, young to mention but few to boost their European dreams.

15. Zenit Saint-Petersburg

Total revenue: €236.5 Million

Zenit Saint-Petersburg is the leading Russian club in terms of bragging rights.

They have won several domestic trophies and are not known to be very successful in the European stage of football.

Yet still, they enjoy a revenue of €236.5 Million.

16. Schalke 04

Total revenue: €222.8 Million

Schalke 04 comes in as number 16 on the list of the top richest football clubs in the world.

They were once known to be successful both in trophies and bragging rights but things have changed in reversal for them.

Schalke generates total revenue of €222.8 Million.

17. Everton

Total revenue: €212 Million

Everton may be miles off European football but they make the list of the top richest football clubs in the world.

The toffees are currently managed by Carlos Ancellotti – this has raised the expectation of the fans and board because of the wealth of experience he parades.

18. Lyon

Total revenue: €180.7 Million

Lyon is one of the big-spending teams in France.

The France European elites have been second best to P.S.G who have dominated the league for years now.

However, they have generated a revenue of
€180.7 Million and are hoping on challenging the League 1 title.

19. Napoli

Total revenue: €176.3 Million

Napoli is one of the top richest football clubs in the world.

They are among the champions league favourite teams but it may be argued that this is attributed to their attractive style of football.

Napoli generates total revenue of €176.3 Million.

20. Eintracht Frankfurt

Total revenue: €174 Million

Eintracht Frankfurt might not be a top elite team but the depth of their young, talented squad suggests that they will in no time, integrate into European football.

Frankfurt is a developing team that is eyeing a spot in the champions league.

They generate total revenue of €174 Million to book a spot on the list of the top richest football clubs in the world.


Every season present different football clubs to win trophies and possibly announce themselves on the world’s biggest stage of football.

This is achievable with an in-depth squad and a good technical manager who does not only know how to utilize talents but also masters the art of signing players.

Top European clubs are getting rich every day but the spotlight is on those developing who might change the course of football in years to come.

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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