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Top 20 Richest People in Asia





Who are the top richest people in Asia?

Asia is the wealthiest continent on the planet.

It is home to famous tech advanced countries like China, India, South Korea, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and so on.

The continent is also the largest in terms of population and food supply.

Due to its laudable economic advancement, the competition for who makes the list of the top wealthiest elites is waxing stronger with time.

More than 70% of Asia’s nations are richly blessed with oil and the major beneficiary of this money are the Arabians.

While the coronavirus had left its mark on the continent, business is not yet at the peak.

Countries are recovering and the economy is (back) alive and kicking after a short spell of a shutdown.

Sources Of Top Richest People in Asia

There are a lot of factors involved when curating names worthy to be among Asia’s top richest people.

Most of the businessmen in Asia have an asset(s) that are undisclosed and unverified.

Those under these categories are not included.

Top 20 Richest People in Asia

The completed and updated list for the top richest people in Asia are:

1. Dhirubhai Ambani

NET WORTH: $76.0 Billion

Dhirubhai Ambani is the brightest businessman in Asia.

He hails from India and is the founder of Reliance Industries.

The industry is the biggest oil-refining conglomerate in the world.

Ambani owns the most expensive home in history.

2. Kwok Tak-seng

NET WORTH: $33.0 Billion

Kwok Tak-Seng was a real estate professional.

He was the owner of Sun Hung Kai Properties, a successful property architect.

Today, this company is responsible for the arrays of wealth acquired by the Kwok family.

3. Dhanin Chearavanont

NET WORTH: $31.7 Billion

Dhanin Chearavanont is a business mogul who comes from the Southern part of China.

The Asian is the chairman of Charoen Pokphand Group.

This is a prominent key industry in Asia that deals in consumer goods and telecommunications.

4. Oei Wie Gwan

NET WORTH: $31.3 Billion

Oei Wie Gwan was a successful entrepreneur from Indonesia.

He was the owner of Djarum, a cigarette producing company.

His sons broadened the business through investment in Bank Central Asia.

5. Lee Byung-chull

NET WORTH: $26.6 Billion

Lee Byung-Chul was a South Korean tech guru.

He is the founder of Samsung, a renounced tech company in the world of electronics.

Interestingly, Samsung was a business brand that started as a marketing organization that deal mostly on the exportation of food products.

The story is not the same today.

6. Chaleo Yoovidhya

NET WORTH: $24.2 Billion

Chaleo Yoovidhya is the founder of T.C. Pharmaceutical.

The company transitioned from supplying medical supplies to consumer goods.

Their establishment of the popular Red Bull is the main source of wealth to both the Yoovidhya’s and Mateschitz’s families.

7. The Cheng family

NET WORTH: $22.6 Billion

The Cheng family is based in Hong Kong.

The family manages Chow Tai Fook Jewellery as was the New World Development.

The latter is a real estate and building establishment.

8. The Mistry family

NET WORTH: $22 Billion

The Mistry family are the second richest household in Asia.

The family deals in engineering services as well as building management.

More so, they have shares in Tata Sons, a multinational company with branches spanning 100 nations of the world.

9. Pao Yue-kong

NET WORTH: $20.2 Billion

Pao Yue-kong was a prominent business magnate.

He deals in the bulk shipping of goods on water and later diversifies into real estate investment. This was run under the whirlock brand.

His four daughters shared his wealth equally after his death

10. Henry Sy

NET WORTH: $19.7 Billion

Originally from China, Henry Sy became a successful entrepreneur in the land of the Philippines.

After trading for his father for a while, he opened a shoe manufacturing outlet.

Diversification to retail business, banking services and real estates tells stories of its enormous success.

11. The Tsai brothers

NET WORTH: $19.0 Billion

The Tsai brothers are the wealthiest entrepreneurs in Taiwan.

They controlled Cathay Life Insurance and Cathay Insurance.

These two businesses were handed over to them by the family.

These financial investments are now a high success conglomerate.

12. Lee Kum Sheung

NET WORTH: $17.3 Billion
Lee Kum Sheung was a prominent businessperson from Hong Kong.

He owned Lee Kum Kee, a popular family business brand.

Today, it has diversified to medical, supplying health supplements and other products and services.

13. Kwek Hong Png

NET WORTH: $16.5 Billion

Kwek Hong Png was a Singaporean investor.

He is the owner of Hong Leong Co. This spans from real estate to banking and finance.

14. Keizo Saji

NET WORTH: $16.3 Billion

Keizo Saji is currently not the founder of Suntory, but he has wonderfully transformed his father’s business.

The company is a renounced supplier of consumer goods ranging from Wines to healthful food supplies.

15. The Kadoorie family

NET WORTH: $16.1 Billion

Elli and Elly Kadoorie make up this family.

They are proud owners of investment varying from banking and finance to real estate.

The brothers are the owner of CLP Holdings, a stabilized power-generation establishment.

16. Parmanand Hinduja

NET WORTH: $15.1 Billion

Parmanand Hinduja is a Pakistan who became successful in India.

He founded The Hinduja Group, a prominent household investment.

They deal in banking, medical supplies, vehicles and energy.

17. Stanley Ho

NET WORTH: $14.6 Billion

Stanley Ho was the owner of the first casino in Macau. It was called SJM Holdings.

This investment brand has several licensed lodgings and Casinos.

He allocated the shares of the business to some of his both his nuclear and extended family members.

18. Juyung Chung

NET WORTH: $14.1 Billion

Jung Chung is a South Korean businesses expert.

He was the brain behind the invention of Hyundai Motor.

This brand initially started as a building company. But today, it is the world’s renounced manufacturer of automobiles and ships.

19. Ng Teng Fong

NET WORTH: $13.8 Billion

Ng Teng Fong is the founder of Far East’s sister outfit, Sino Group and Far East Organization.

Far East Organization is a Christian religious investment that is an essential component of the business’ identity.

20. Tos Chirathivat

To Chirathivat Rounds off the list of the top richest people in Asia.

He currently heads the Central Group. This is a big private commercial empire in Thailand.

Final Words On Top Richest People in Asia

Asia is the world’s wealthiest continent and the total amount generated by its top 20 richest men surpasses that of others.

China currently leads the pack but you’ll not find any Chinese on the list.

This is because the success achieved is somewhat fresh.

Most of this investment is on tech and that is a different ball game.

What do you think of Asia as a continent?

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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