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Top 20 Richest Dancers in the World




Who are the top richest dancers in the world?

Dancing is a culture and part of the world’s heritage.

To some, it is a means of a profession while to others, it’s a form of entertainment.

Whatever the case may be, there will be no entertainment and fun without it.

Dancing has various types and categories which is majorly dependent on the country.

While we may be thrilled by the dancing steps of musicians, actors and actresses especially in Bollywood, and the rest, it is also vital to know that they are dancers who have a massive net worth to back up their entertaining CV.

It is quite difficult to come across a dancer who cannot sing but relatively easy to meet one that sings very well.

Just like any other art or profession, dancing requires control and mastership. To rhyme the footsteps with the beats, control the pace, balance the body and nature, requires discipline and commitment.

However, the big question is who has excelled in dancing?

Read on to discover the top richest and best dancers in the world…

#2. Best Dancer and Musician

Michael Jackson is a music star, singer, composer and dancer.

He was the best and wealthiest dancer who knew how to sing as well.

This amazing artist was a king when it comes to break-dancing.


  • Joseph Jackson other names are MJ or The King of Pop.
  • He has mastered the following types of dance: thriller, moonwalk, lean and sidewalk.
  • The Indiana-born artist has donated around $500 million to charity.
  • Jackson is on the Guinness Book of Records.

#3. Most wealthiest dancer

Chris Brown is the richest dancer in the world. The united states citizen is a prominent musician, dancer, performer and music composer.

His real name is Christopher Maurice and he adopts a technique type of offbeat dancing majoring dictated by breakdance.

The R&B star has a current net worth of about $50 million and is also a famous hip-hop musician.

Brown is a dancing icon as he is a music talent.

#4. The world’s most outstanding dancer

Usher is a musician, actor, entertainer and music composer. His real name is Usher Terry Raymond IV.

He is a prominent R&B singing star whose body flexibility and balance during a dance, is arguably second to no other.

Usher is a key dancer in the industry and currently possess the crown of the world’s most outstanding dancer.

#5. The Greatest dancer In History

Fred Astaire is an American professional choreographer.

The popular musician and dancer are legally known as Fred Austerlitz.

He has won several awards in music but the most notable one is the Lifetime Achievement Award by American Film Institute.

Many (people) believe that he is a perfect and flawless dancer.

Jr. N.TR is a well known and famous dancer.

His real identity is Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao Jr. This popular Bollywood actor also a music star, TV personality, and dancer.

He can dance the Kuchipudi dance and is known for his strength and endurance.

For instance, N.TR had danced for roughly 17 hrs. This happened in a dancing event in the United States when he was a child.

The Indian is very well known in the Telugu film industry and if you’re doubting his dancing expertise, watch out for his movies.

#7. World’s Best Dancer

Hrithik Roshan comes on our list as the best dancer in the world.

(He is one of my favourite Indian actors).

The Bollywood personality is one of the very few Indian actors who has featured most in the movie industry.

The four winners of Best Actor possesses the extraordinary dancing skill and rarely acts in a movie without showcasing it.

He has won six Filmfare and is among India’s top 100 celebrities.

Krrish, Dhoom, super 30 and others, are movies he has starred in.

Justin Timberlake is one of the best dancing artists in the world.

He features on the list as the most popular male dancer.

Justin is a prominent singer, music composer, record artist, actor and dancing star.

He is a proud seller of more than 32 million albums. The singer has also sold over 56 million singles.

The famous artist has a successful solo career and is an Oscar star.

#9. Prominent Dancer

Mikhail Baryshnikov is a Latvian musician, director and dancer.

The Riga-born singer first danced with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Throughout his career, he joined the league of choreographers.

This great dancer is one of the personalities behind America’s contemporary dance.

He has won several awards and nominations.

#10. Best Bollywood Western Dancer

Raghava Lawrence is a popular actor, singer, music composer, director and choreographer.

He is among the greatest dancers of all time.

This rich artist began his career in the Telugu film industry and possesses a twisted hip-hop dancing style.

He is also known for his westernised dancing style.

Raghava Lawrence is a charity giver who has earned four Filmfare Awards.

His dancing steps and movement is characterised by freedom, agility and ease.

#11. Best dance-pop star

Janet Jackson is an American musician, dancer, composer, actress and dancer.

She is the sister to the great Michael Jackson and parades a unique style of singing which stands out in her dancing style.

Janet is among Rock and Roll’s Hall of Fame and is a top performer in the pop music arena.

#12. Best American lyrical dancer

Gene Kelly is an American dancer and actor.

Born in the Highland Park district of Pittsburgh, he has performed on Broadway.

Looking at his level of success, it will be quite difficult to predict that he is a man that never wanted to be a dancer. But that’s the truth.

He is also a teacher and is the founder of Gene Kelly School of Dance.

He is also a lyrical dancer. The American has influenced lots of films, music shows and has a style that portrays elegance and charm.

#13. Conclusion

Dancing is enjoyable both as a career and as a means of entertainment.

Not so many people will fancy them to build a tangible net worth but this list tackles that head on.

Just as the world is evolving, so is everything else, including dancing.

Who are your top richest dancers in the world?

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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