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The Top 25 Best Motivational Blogs and Websites for 2021



motivational blogs and websites

Motivation has been one of the main driving force of humanity and as such, sourcing for sites that offers such hope and renewed energy has significantly skyrocketed.

In this post, we will be looking at the top 25 best motivational blogs & websites for 2021.

The Top 25 Best Motivational Blogs & Websites for 2021

The top 25 best motivational blogs and websites for the year 2021 are:

25. Everyday Power by Jeff Moore

Everyday Power by Jeff Moore is an inspirational site that gives renewed hope and strength.

The author and owner, Jeff Moore, is an educator and a motivational speaker who give out ideas and guidance on how to be the better version of yourself and make that difference.

24. Think Simple Now by Tina Su

This motivating blog is a composition of great minds, intellects, stories and lessons from people who are experienced and are willing to lend out a helping hand.

23. Menprovement by Sean Russell and Artur Kot

This great blog is an epitome of motivation masterminded by men of high reputation.

The ideas are fresh and the whole source is up-to-date.

22. Life Hack by Leon Ho

Do you think life is getting more complicating than it should? If your answer to that question is yes, then, pay this blog a visit.

Here, difficult questions and scenario are broken down and are made simple and plain.

21. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta

This is another great blog that packs motivational sayings but in a simple, short and well defined format.

The platform offers important informations and mindful content.

20. Positively Present by Dani DiPirro

This site is a go-to source for self love and importance.

It carries positivity, hope and motivational insights on how to live the best life.

19. Fearless Motivation

This motivational site packages insights on how to become successful.

This platform encourages readers to take action and control of their life, to be responsible for every single event that has happened whether good or bad and to change that story.

18. One Step 4ward by Johnny Ward

This motivational blog reveals the true life story of Johnny who made it in life while travelling around the world.

It encourages his readers to take advantage of any situation or place they find themselves in.

17. Conscious Company Media

This motivational blog is business conscious and reveals the secrets of success in the financial dimensity.

They curate content on topics that affects business and leadership.

16. Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson

Success Consciousness is a site that offers blogging services on motivation.

The platform focuses on improving oneself worth, value and personality.

15. Live Bold & Bloom by Barrie Davenport

Live Bold and Bloom is an excellent motivational blog that parades life-defining content on dealing with the negative aspect of reality.

The site reveals the secrets of managing problems and keeping challenges on a low level.

14. Goalcast

Goalcast is another powerful motivational web platform.

They offer both video and printed information source on inspiration.

Also, they boost of a large fan base and can motivate even the most strong-hearted.

13. Motivation Grid by Cris Nikolov

Motivation Grid is another powerful motivational site that curate content on self worth and importance.

Their posts are easy and simple to followup and understand.

12. Live Your Legend by the late Scott Dinsmore

Live Your Legend is a power-packed motivational blog that reveals the secrets of achieving the real purpose in life to readers.

It places value on self importance and worth.

11. Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg

Positivity Blog is another great site that offers motivational posts.

It focuses on living a simple but fulfilling lifestyle.

10. Wealthy Gorilla by Dan Western

Wealthy gorilla is a great motivational blog that offers content on self worth and relevance.

Here, you will find quotes and great inspirational post on a wide range of applications in life.

9. Get Rich Slowly by J.D. Roth

Get Rich Slowly is a motivational blog that reveals the secrets of wealth encroachment.

It points out strategies, methods, and best practices that can help one to save, clear debt, invest and become financially free.

8. Pick The Brain by Erin Falconer

Pick The Brain is a self motivational blog that deals intensively on improving the inner man.

The platform takes a broader approach in underlining the roles of philosophy, physiology, motivation and education in personal development and self importance.

7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

I Will Teach You To Be Rich is a go-to blog for garnering wealth.

It offers powerful insights on proper money management and control for everyone.


This site is another great motivational blog that offers perspectives and goals – which is to be attained through training and dedication.

They have a huge collection of great inspirational posts by professionals across the world.


This site is another great source motivational post.

However, they major in tech but that does not mean you shouldn’t give them a try!

4. MindBodyGreen by Colleen and Jason

MindBodyGreen is great site that offers blogging services on motivation.

They curate contents on true wellness, holistic living and how they can be attainable.

3. Addicted 2 Success by Joel Brown

This site offers motivational posts on how to become the best version of you.

It talks about personal success, personality and development.

2. Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene

Tiny Buddha is an exceptional site that offers blogging services on motivation.
The platform packages stories and the effects that love, relationship, spirituality and happiness can have in personal development.

1. Great minds

Great minds is a really powerful motivational site that offers blogging services on self development, worth and importance.

It packs inspirational post, hints and advice on how to become successful in life.

The platform offers professional content from experts within a real life set-up.


That was all on the top 25 best motivational blogs & websites for 2021.

We hoped you enjoyed the list?

Which is your favourite among the blogs?

Quick Recap

  1. Great minds
  2. Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene
  3. Addicted 2 Success by Joel Brown
  4. MindBodyGreen by Colleen and Jason
  7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi
  8. Pick The Brain by Erin Falconer
  9. Get Rich Slowly by J.D. Roth
  10. Wealthy Gorilla by Dan Western
  11. Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg
  12. Live Your Legend by the late Scott Dinsmore
  13. Motivation Grid by Cris Nikolov
  14. Goalcast
  15. Live Bold & Bloom by Barrie Davenport
  16. Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson
  17. Conscious Company Media
  18. One Step 4ward by Johnny Ward
  19. Fearless Motivation
  20. Positively Present by Dani DiPirro
  21. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta
  22. Life Hack by Leon Ho
  23. Menprovement by Sean Russell and Artur Kot
  24. Think Simple Now by Tina Su
  25. Everyday Power by Jeff Moore

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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