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The 10 Most Valuable Toys From Your Childhood




If you could vividly remember, toys were part of those things that defined our moments back then.

However, there is an additional advantage which some of those former playmates have.

Over the course of time, most toys have risen in market value and if you had happened to have one, then you’re on luck.

As a matter of fact, prices of items and products changes mostly due to time factor and toy marketing is no exception to this rule.

We will be looking at the top 10 most Valuable toy from your childhood.

Let’s go!

10. Barbies: Vintage 1959 Barbie

WORTH: $23,000

Kicking off the list of the most Valuable toy is the Barbie – vintage 1959 series.

Barbie is large collection of toys and each is different in terms of value and importance.

This model has a black and white swimsuit on it with high heels.

If you have one that fits perfectly to the above description, then $23,000 is waiting for you.

Yeah, we said so, because this is the price which its last edition was sold for but, don’t expect something higher than that.

9. Books: Where the Wild Things Are – First Edition

WORTH: $25,000

Where the Wild Things Are is one of the most Valuable Childhood possession.

Kids normally fare well with sleep when books are being read and as one of such books on the list, it is a very good piece.

AdeBooks sold the book for an amazing price of $25,000 and if you happen to stumble on it, kudos!

Having been on a pristine condition, the book was rarely used and thus, it is exclusive.

The book is Simple, picture-illustrative and entertaining – mainly suitable for sleep kid’s sleep time.

8. StarWars Action Figures: 1978 Luke Skywalker

WORTH: $25,000

Coming in next as the most Valuable movie franchise on the list, StarWars Action Figures is one of the best childhood playmates in history.

This is one of the oldest franchise on the list and because of its age, the price has also significantly increased over the years.

In 2015, this piece was auctioned by a Japanese collector and an anonymous buyer bought it for an incredible $25,000!

This price is predicted to increase with time as it is becoming quite rare in today’s world.

7. Vintage Atari Games: “Air Raid”

WORTH: $33,400

Video games are one of those things that can drive a child’s mood (even an adult) and “Air Raid” is one of such game.

Invented in 1977, it was dubbed as one of the worst game console but nevertheless, it is arguably the most Valuable Atari game in history.

Despite being undesirable according to modern gaming standard, the fairly used value of this game is still high (above $10,000) while its brand new price will crash-land your account by $33,400.

If you are in possession of it, a quick huge sum awaits you.

Also, endeavour to package it well: you’ll never know…

6. Pokémon Cards: Pikachu

WORTH: $100,000

Pokémon cards are one of the most selling products in the world.

In 1966, this business was introduced in Japan and has it has enormously become a success story.

The Pokémon investment card: Pikachu, worths an incredible $100,000 in the popular online shop; eBay.

The current statistics predicts that the business of Pokémon games is at its prime therefore, business-men are investing and staking quite a lot on it.

Pikachu is one of the oldest Pokémon card available and a lot has been made from it.

If you are an investor that source for Pokémon cards, then you’ll probably need to check your collection for this piece!

5. Hot Wheels: 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb

WORTH: $125,000

Coming in next on the list, Hot Wheels: 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb is one of the most Valuable toy from your childhood.

The Hot Wheelstoy toy was created in 1968 and is not worth that much – costing less than $2 for each.

However, 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb is the most costliest of all Hot Wheels toys as it worths an amazing $125,000.

Unfortunately, only one was produced and was sold in 2011 for the stated sum.


4. The Original Monopoly

WORTH: $146,500

The original Monopoly is one of the most popular games in history.

It is an old game that most people have familiarized themselves with – especially during Christmas periods.

If you are in possession of the original, painted, classic version, then your potential Net worth is going to be $146,500!

This is the price which Charles Darrow, the creator, auctioned for two consecutive times.


3. G.I. Joe Action Figure: Prototype G.I. Joe

WORTH: $200,000

G.I. Joe Action Figure: Prototype G.I. Joe is one of the most Valuable toys from your childhood.

The Joe Action Figure has a worldwide fan base and organizes its convention on yearly basis.

Since its creation in 1964, the toy have become extremely popular and is highly regarded in the market.

Prototype G.I. Joe sold for $200,000 during an auction in 2013.

Check your childhood collection thoroughly: who knows? Luck might be on your side!

2. Baseball Cards: Honus Wagner

WORTH: $2.8 Million

Costing a staggering $2.8 Million, Baseball Cards: Honus Wagner is the second most valued Childhood collection in history.

The value of baseball cards have increased as each day passes by as more people have (suddenly) shown interest in trading with it.

Having Said that, if you are lucky enough to have the original version of “Honus Wagner,” then you are on your way to becoming a USD millionaire.

The last one that was sold in an auction in 2007, cost an incredible $2.8 Million!

1. Comic Books: “Action Comics 1”

WORTH: $3.2 Million

Bagging the award for the most Valuable toy from your childhood is Comic Books: “Action Comics 1.”

Comical books have grown more popular in this age and has subsequently commanded a huge price tag to its name.

One of such piece is the“ Action Comics 1” – which marked the introduction of Superman.

By quantity, they are rare as only 50 units are available.

However, to meet the expected price, it must be in good condition and should be a quality copy.

This is what warranted the last copy to be sold for $3.2 million in 2014.


That was all on the ten most Valuable toys from your childhood.

If you were in possession of many toys while growing, this is the right time to search for those that are worth a while.

Even as you find one, verify the originality and quality and once that is guaranteed; you’re on for quick Cash.

Before rounding off the list, let’s take a quick look at the summary:

S/NValuable ToysWorth
1.Comic Books – “Action Comics 1$3.2 Million
2.Baseball Cards – Honus Wagner$2.8 Million
3.G.I. Joe Action Figures – Prototype G.I. Joe$200,000
4.The Original Monopoly$146,500
5.Hot Wheels – 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb$125,000
6.Pokémon Cards – Pickachu$100,000
7.Vintage Atari Games – “Air Raid”$34,500
8.Starwars Action Figures – Luke Skywalker$25,000
9.Books – Where the Wild Things Are – First Edition$5,500
10.Barbies – Vintage 1959 Barbie$23,000

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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