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Top 20 Most Peaceful Countries In The World (2021)



Which are the top most peaceful countries in the world? Peace occur when wars and conflicts are settled amicably. Majority of Countries have invested heavily in weapons and armories, just to secure the life of its citizens. However, they are few exceptions – some nations budget a small percentage on security.

Though, they are not 100% safe, the crime rate in these peaceful countries are low. Crimes committed are minor and there is an absence of terrorism and brutality. This makes them perfect destinations for expats who prioritize peace.

To all peace aficionado, the following are the top most peaceful countries to note:

1. Iceland

Iceland is a country that is located in Europe. It is inhabited by 300,000 people and crime rate is nearly non-existent. The country’s literacy rate is 100% and government provide good social and welfare packages.

Iceland has an annual homicide rate of 1.8 per 1000 population. There are no army, navy, and air force. However, the police force is the only national security team. They use batons and pepper spray during patrols.

2. Denmark

Denmark is an European country that is part of the 26 schengen nations. The welfare packages offered by the danish government is one of the best worldwide. As a result, Danes are popular for being cheerful.

Crime rate is low, economy is stable, and taxation is high. Even so, wages are high; averaging 160 DKK per hour while the minimum annual salary is19,905.00 DKK.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is a rare gem in Europe. It is a well planned nation that has minimum levels of environmental pollution. The government are supportive and workers enjoys labor benefits. Expats living in the country review positively about their experiences.

4. Austria

Austria is known for its rich cultural heritage. It is close to Germany and German is the official language. This European country has a low crime rate, and brutality is ‘as good as gone.’

Its university system is standardized, transport is organized, cost of living is low and environment is conducive.

5. Switzerland

Switzerland has a high cost of living and its citizen are known to be happy. Education is free, banking and health sector are molded to standard and employment opportunities abounds.

6. Japan

Japan is the most peaceful country is Asia. Housing is neat and commendable and transport system is coordinated. This Asian country is developed and technology is prioritized.

7. Finland

Finland is a Nordic country that practises gender equality. It is the world’s happiest country and Finns are morally grounded. The education system is commendable, corruption is low, honesty is upheld, and violence is rare.

However, winters are long and weather is cold.

8. Canada

Canada is known for its proximity to the United States. It is a big country with many job openings and good salary structure. Here, leadership is determined based on intellectual standards.

Canada is the best country in the world (2021) and ranks 7th in terms of social progress with a score of 91.40.

9. Sweden

Sweden is a country that offers good welfare packages to its citizens. As with most Scandinavian countries, it is characterized by long winters, high cost of living and favourable working conditions. The education system is standardized and free.

10. Belgium

Belgium is an European country with diverse cultures and lots of beautiful landscapes. It is peaceful and welcoming to visitors. The country boosts of quality education and a good population of scholars are International students. Palaces, mansions and fortes are available (to the joy of tourists).

11. Norway

Norway is a Scandinavia country that is generally peaceful. Law and order are maintained and crime rate is low. Norwegians are known to be accommodating and standard of living is high. It is a beautiful country that has a large community of expats.

12. Ireland

Ireland is characterized by friendly residents and great culture. The country is safe and working conditions are good. It is recommended for golf lovers and expats who wants to build their social lives.

13. Slovenia

Slovenia may not be a popular country but it is a great travel destination. It has a low prison population and parenting is prioritized. The people are welcoming and food available are nutritious and healthy.

14. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. This European nation boosts of great music artists and cultural history. The education system is well funded and free for those studying in the Czech language.

15. Germany

Germany is a popular destination that is located in the centre of Europe. About 15% of its 83.2 population are immigrants. It is a civilized state which is famous for castles and sports. The cost of living is high and salaries is one of the highest in the world.

For a typical German, events and festivals are important.

16. Australia

Australia is a country with less environmental pollution, and organized urban planning. Road networks are good and transportation is well-planned. In fact, it is recommended for young and active people.

Residents are peaceful, life expectancy rate is (as high as) 82, landscapes are amazing and standard of living is high.

17. Singapore

Singapore is a technology advanced nation that is located in Asia. Law and order are maintained, and citizens are enlightened. The country is known for energy conservation and urban planning. It is recommended for upcoming IT specialists.

18. Portugal

Portugal is known for having a low cost but high standard of living. It is a beautiful country in Europe with lots of beautiful landscapes. Residents are more relaxed and calm. Holidays are prioritized and crime rate is low.

19. Qatar

Qatar is a beautiful country with competent government. It is blessed with petroleum – cost of purchasing petrol is extremely cheap. The nation has a high standard of living and people tends to enjoy life more, as opposed to work.

20. Bhutan

Bhutan is known for being bordered by India and China. The country is responsible for introducing the abbreviation ‘GNH’ which stands for ‘Gross National Happiness.’ This initiative is focused on making people happy through the provision of education, great welfare packages and improved health care systems.


Peace and safety are important and vital to human existence. Countries, mar by wars and insecurities have lower life expectancies. Though, safety may vary with location, the negative outcome of war in states results in government budgeting more for security.

This will lead to unnecessary expenditure, and foreigners will be more hesitant to migrate and invest. Which are your most peaceful countries in the world?

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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