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The 10 Most Expensive Precious Metals in the World




Precious metals are valuable stones that are worth millions in Cash.

At times, you may think it’s odd for your parents to hid these precious stones but the truth is: they are rare and hard to come by.

The Earth contains precious metals that are highly important in fabricating and manufacturing most of our day-to-day products.

Out of all the precious metals found in Earth, the most expensive ones are:

10. Indium

Starting off our list of the most expensive precious metals in the world is Indium.

Industrially, this precious metal is extracted from the mining of iron-ore, copper and zinc.

Indium as a metal possess the characteristics of malleability and ductility.

The shiny metal is an important element of aircraft engines as its forms part of the carrier’s mechanical component.

9. Silver

Silver comes in next on the list of the most expensive precious metals in the world.

Apart from being a very good source of precious stones, Silver is the fastest conducting metal in the universe – a feat seconded by Copper.

The metal is applied in a wide range of phenomenon and processes such as batteries, coins, circuitry, cutleries, anti-odourant and so much more.

In the telecommunication world, the conducting element is applied to prevent the flow of bacteria on mobile phones.

8. Rhenium

Rhenium is another valuable gem on the list of the most expensive precious metals.

It is a very dense element; having the third highest melting point of all metals.

It has five (5) important applications: they are used in the manufacturing of turbine engine, it is added to nickel-based superalloys, applied on filaments, adopted in electronic casings and is a major by-product of copper mining in industries.

Cool right?

7. Palladium

Palladium is a precious metal that is very stable.

The element has the ability to absorb hydrogen and is shiny in appearance.

It resists heat and is very helpful in protecting environment from hydrocarbon emissions from automobiles.

Just like other precious stones, it is applied in drafting beautiful jewelries.

6. Osmium

Coming in next on the list, Osmium is the sixth most expensive precious metal in the world.

By appearance, the metal is brittle and dense metal with a very high melting point.

The precious gem is extensively used in Platinum alloys and is one of the most sought after.

5. Iridium

Breaking into the top five (5) most expensive precious metals in the world is Iridium.

The metal has a white sheen and is predominantly found in South Africa.

It is very dense and possess high melting point.

The precious metal is useful in areas of electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and medicine.

4. Ruthenium

Bagging the award of the fourth (4th) most expensive precious metal in the world is Ruthenium.

The metal has high melting and boiling point as well as good electrical conductivity.

It is applied in the field of electronics and is also oftenly used as Platinum alloy.

3. Gold

Gold is the third most expensive metal in the world.

The popular precious stone is durable and strong – and is the most sought after metal in the universe.

Gold is not rare and due to its abundance, it is applied across various machine system.

It is also also used in the manufacturing of jewelries and wearables.

2. Platinum

Platinum is a very resistive precious stone and possess most characteristics of s typical metal.

It is extremely resistant to corrosion and has a shiny appearance.

It is applied across area like weaponry, dentist equipment, jewelry and aeronautics.

Take note, the main feature that warrants the precious metal application across the aforementioned field is its resistivity.

1. Rhodium

Rhodium is the most expensive precious metal in the world.

The precious gem is predominantly found in South Africa, Canada and Russia.

The metal is highly valued for its strong resistance to heat and corrosion.

It’s applied in mirrors, search lights or anything that has a shiny appearance.



Precious metals are also gems and priceless stones that can make it worth a while for anyone in possession of it.

They are vast in numbers but those were the top 10 most expensive precious metals in the world.

Which is your favourite precious metal?

Quick Recap

  1. Rhodium
  2. Platinum
  3. Gold
  4. Ruthenium
  5. Iridium
  6. Osmium
  7. Palladium
  8. Rhenium
  9. Silver
  10. Indium

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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