Lakeyah Danaee Net Worth: Height, Age, & Career

The world of today has stuck some most reputable women on earth, most women are leaving better and doing well in all ramifications, here is another female American entertainer, Lakeyah Danaee is an American YouTuber and an entertainer a public figure, her YouTube channel brought her to the limelight.

Lakeyah Danaee net worth and career are highlighted in this article, the young  YouTuber star is seen as a rapper and collaborates with Beyond the Music (BTM) through the music group she release a hit song titled ”Fuck up love story” nonetheless she is in the list of the richest YouTube star, net worth is access $500 thousand.

Lakeyah Danaee Early Life

The full review of Lakeyah early life is not made public, though we have some important information about her to give. The young entertainer was born February 28 2002 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, her complete name is Lakeyah Danaee Robinson, she started music at a tender age and rap at fifteen years of age.

Looking at her educational backgrounds, she finish and graduate

The career of Lakeyah Danaee

The artist (Lakeyah) began her music career when she join the music group ”Beyond the Music” (BTM) the group is among the famous music group in the United States. The group was made popular due to the outstanding remarks in the music industry, a particular hit song spur them up, title, ”it a fuck up love”. In 2018, the song went viral and trending.

The entertainer got lots of support and the desired love from her fans, since she join the BTM she music career has developed, Lakeyah later part with BTM cause she wants to improve her music skills to become a solo artist. Before leaving BTM she drop her final track title, ‘Put it down. Not long she releases her solo mixtape after she disengages from BTM.

The first hit done by the mixtape is ”The Keymix” 2018, her first track from the mixtape was release ”Boo’d up keymix” her fans gave the necessary support desire, surprisingly the mixtape has about one million streams on SoundCloud.

She didn’t only rely on her mixtape, she further made moves in the production of an album, her new album made her more famous, which she title, ”The keymix II” producing a mixtape is very exciting, cause she try to upgrade her music career, Lakeyah made 12 songs on the mixtape she produce on November 30th, 2019.

Lakeyah is very active on YouTube, her first mixtape got over 300k stream on YouTube, all her trending hit songs she drops on YouTube, recently her music video is release, the title, ”Big” after uploading the video has more than one million views on YouTube.

What is Lakeyah Danaee height & age?

Let look at her height, what are her current weight and her age? All these questions will be answer in no time. In 2022, Danaee height is measures at 5 feet 5 inches we say she is 165 cm tall and weigh about 60kg or 132 pounds, observing her physical body structure, you will see she is not fat at least she is average in size, checking out she is 35-37-39 inches. Looking at her facial appearance both hair and eyes are all black.

Her love life, does Lakeyah have a boyfriend, apparently No, as she is a lesbian, she has a female love, having something intimate with her fellow female gender, as, at the time of this article, her female lover name is yet to be public.

What is Lakeyah Danaee net worth?

As an upcoming singer and music artist, Lakeyah is making waves of reaching her musical goals, she is a young and inspiring lady planning to be independent looking for an avenue to come to the limelight, she is trying to push her music to the classical stage, the young promising singer is just twenty years of age currently 2022. She’s able to gather an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.

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