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Top 10 Biggest Banks in the World




Many countries in the world boost of huge banks which in turn lays good investment foundation to business-men.

Import and export trade, forex index, financial Power are some of the benefits that comes with these big banks.

Primarily, Banks are regarded as a warehouse where money are stored.

But in this regard, the banks we are about to mention has a lot to do with the development of their host nation.

So, the top biggest banks in the world are:

10. Crédit Agricole Group

Total Assets: $2.13 Trillion

Kicking off the list for the top biggest banks in the world, Crédit Agricole Group is one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

It is based in France and more so, Crédit Agricole is an international full-service banking group.

This cooperative financial institution has wings spread over the country: having 39 regional banks and a good sum of local branches.

However, the headquarter of the bank is in Montrouge, France where majority of its clients across the world are being serviced.

Due to its historical relationship with farming, the financial institution provides stress-free loans and grants to farmers as well as investors in other sectors of agriculture.

9. Bank of America (BAC)

Total Assets: $2.35 Trillion

The Bank of America is the 9th biggest bank in the world and the second-biggest in the United States.

The financial service provider deals on commercial banking, investment and wealth management.

The bank has an incredible 5,000 financial retail centres to service its clients across the world.

The bank headquarter is in Charlotte City, North Carolina where majority of American bank deposits are being done.

It was founded in 1784 and has employed over 208,000 workers – one of the highest in any American business industry.

The financial institution is a go-to-source for wealth management and relaible banking.

8. BNP Parabis

Total Assets: $2.33 Trillion

Coming in next on the list, BNP Parabis is one of the largest international banking Group in France.

The financial institution can be found in 77 countries in the world; servicing a host of clients across the different segments in banking.

History has it that the bank was established as far back as 1848 but however, BNP Parabis is a product of a merger between between Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Paribas which happened in 2000.

It is Headquartered in Paris and is one of the largest employing agency – with an approximate 200,000 workers.

Being located in the capital of the country, the financial service provider has played an important role in the development of France.

7. HSBC Holdings PLC

Total Assets: $2.55 Trillion

HSBC Holdings PLC is the 7th largest banking institution in the world.

The bank is the largest in Europe and is a British multinational investment platform.

The financial service provider commands over a thousand regional offices and 460 branches spread across the cities in US.

The financial holding company majors in private investment, commercial banking and cooperative services.

Its headquarter is in London, England and moreover, the bank has branches in up to 65 countries in the world.

With over 235,000 workers, it is one of the highest employing agency in Europe and across the world.

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co

Total Assets: $2.62 Trillion

Coming in next on the list, JPMorgan Chase & Co is one of the largest banks in the world.

The multinational investment bank services clients in more than 100 nations.

It is the largest bank in the United States and the six-biggest in the whole world.

It is a product of a merger between several big banks – which actualized in 2002 to produce one of the most financially buoyant institution in the banking segment.

The financial service provider deals with investment, asset management, security services and wealth management.

It is a go-to-source for investment services as it offers the best plan for its customers.

5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group

Total Assets: $2.81 Trillion

Kicking off the top five spot on the list, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is the 5th biggest bank in the world.

It is a Japanese financial service provider with a large number of clients.

As part of the Mitsubishi Corporation, the bank offers a variety of banking services.

With a total assets of $2.81 trillion dollars, the financial institution employs over 106,000 workers.

It headquarter is in Osaka city and more so, the bank is a product of a merger between
the Mitsubishi Tokyo Financial Group and UFJ holdings in 2005.

It is arguably the best financial service provider for trust banking.

4. Bank of China

Total Assets: $3 Trillion

Bank of China is one of the biggest financial institution in Asia.

It is a member of the “big four” banks that is established in the Asian Country.

It was founded in 1912 and is the oldest bank in China’s mainland.

Having been established under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Republican government, the bank has offices in more than 20 Nations across the globe.

Its headquarter is in Bejing, China and roughly 70% of its $3 Trillion is owned by the Chinese government.

It employs about 310,000 workers and offers a wide range of services to clients on need basis.

3. Agricultural Bank of China

Total Assets: $3.2 Trillion

Starting off the top three spot on the list, Agricultural Bank of China is one of the biggest companies in the world.

The bank is owned by the state and has branches spread across major cities in the world; like: Singapore, Seoul, London and so on.

The financial institution was founded in 1951 and has employed more than 444,000 workers.

With 24,000 branches across the world, the bank has serviced milliions of its cooperate customer and retail clients.

The 2010 biggest IPO generator has a net total assets worth of $3.2 Trillion.

2. China Construction Bank Corporation

Total Assets: $3.3 Trillion

Missing the top spot on the list, China Construction Bank Corporation is the second-biggest bank in the world.

Shortly known as CCB, the financial service provider has roughly 13,629 local offices and other international branches in major popular cities across the world.

The bank offers a host of commercial and personal banking which ranges from credit cards to commercial loans and e-banking.

The financial institution is Headquartered in the Xicheng district and has an incredible high number of clients all over the world.

1. Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China

Total Assets: $4.2 Trillion

Topping the list, Industrial & Commercial Bank Of China is the most largest bank in the whole wide world.

It is China’s biggest bank and parades the highest number of assets: $4.2 Trillion, employees: 460,000 workers across its assorted branches in America, Oceanic, Asia and Europe, customers and deposits.

The financial service provider was founded in 1984 and it is headquartered in Beijing, China.

It is owned by the state which controls approximately 70% of its total assets.

The financial institution is the best bank in world banking system and is the largest public company by assets.


That was all on the 10 biggest banks in the world.

As you rightly saw on the list, most of these banks’ worth are as high as $4.2 Trillion!

They will not only perform the basic financial services like deposit and savings but will over the best of services in terms of private banking and commercial services.

Before rounding off the list for the biggest banks in the world, let’s take a quick look at the summary:

S/NBankTotal Assets
1.Industrial & Commerical Bank Of China$4.2 Trillion
2.China Construction Bank Corporation$3.3 Trillion
3.Agricultural Bank of China$3.2 Trillion
4.Bank of China$3 Trillion
5.Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group$2.81 Trillion
6.JPMorgan Chase & Co$2.62 Trillion
7.HSBC Holdings PLC$2.55 Trillion
8.BNP Parabis$2.33 Trillion
9.Bank of America (BAC)$2.35 Trillion
10.Crédit Agricole Group$2.13 Trillion

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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