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The 10 Best Savings Accounts in America




Savings account is something everyone should have as it may prove vital in case of a major upcoming event.

However, people are scared away by its low interest rates and would keep the money at their disposal because of the unmotivating gesture.

In America, there are many financial institutions that offers savings account but only few of them packs the best deals.

Are you trying to know the best savings account in America? Then search no More!

After intensive research, we have compiled the list for the 10 best savings accounts.

These accounts comes with tempting interest rate and offers the best plans.

So, let’s go!

10. FNBO Direct

Kicking off the list for the best savings accounts in America is FNBO Direct.

FNBO abbreviated as “First National Bank of Omaha,” is one of the longest serving bank on the list.

The bank is associated to Nebraska, where it is believed to root from.

They have 7 branches spread across the States; particularly in the Midwestern region of the country.

But if you’re a type that doesn’t visit branches frequently, you can opt for the online account which allows you to deposit as low as $1.

FNBO Direct parades an impressive 2.00% APY, which is not so common.

9. Capital One Bank

Coming in next on the list, Capital One Bank is one of the best savings accounts in America.

The bank has one of the most powerful online user interphase and if you’re in for online transaction, then you’ll probably love this app!

But however, they offer less APY – 1.00%, which is 50% less than the previous bank we had discussed.

This is still impressive and on top of that, the account is free to open and no outstanding balance is required.

The most interesting feature about the bank is that it allows users to open up to 25 savings accounts – which can be splitted to various saving goals.

Automation of the savings account works perfectly and it is very simple to set-up.

8. SOFI Money

SOFI Money is one of the best savings accounts you’ll ever see in America.

The account is a two-way killer as it has both a cash account and a debit card.

This hybrid form of a savings account has an attractive interest rate of 1.80% which comes with zero access fee and no additional bank charges.

Moreover, once you stake enough cash, withdrawal can be made through its debit card anytime, anywhere and anyday.

There is no limitations to the amount withdrawable nor payable and such, your interest is likely to look healthy over a few period of time!

7. Ally Bank

Aly bank is the 7th best savings account in America.

It savings rate currently stands at 1.90%, which is very impressive.

The account parades zero access fee, no extra charges and no minimum balance requirement.

They are also other banking benefits but however, what stands it out among other banks on the is its excellent customer care service.

The services are dependent, reliable and have been notorious for lots of positive feedbacks from customers.

To receive their debit card, you must open an online account which is otherwise known as High-Yield Checking account.

This account allows users to monitor and control their financial services.

6. Marcus By Goldman Sachs

Marcus By Goldman Sachs is one of the best savings accounts in America.

The account offers a 2.00% APY, plus no additional fees.

There is no minimum deposit and bulk transfer is made convenient through its high allocation of transfer limits.

This fee-free account is one of the most convenient savings accounts on the list.

5. Synchrony

Kicking off the top 5 spot on the list for the best savings accounts in America, Synchrony has one of the best interest rate in the market.

They Offer 2.00% APY which comes with FDIC insurance.

Customers get a consistent good looking interest rates and moreover, opening an account with Synchrony is very easy and stress-free.

$1 is the minimum deposit which is done with no other attachable fee.

However, the drawbacks in opening a savings account here is that it has only one branch in New Jersey plus, its customer care service is very poor and customers do complain about this issue.

But if you don’t mind any of the aforementioned issues, then you’re good to go!

4. American Express Bank

American Express Bank is the 4th best savings account in America.

This savings account has an impressive savings rate of 1.90% APY, which is insured by FDI and comes with lots of positive feedbacks.

They offer only online account and as such, it is most suitable for high interest seekers who wants to make the most of their finance.

3. Discover Bank

Breaking in among the top 5 spot on the list, Discover Bank is the 3rd best savings account in America.

This long serving bank offers an impressive savings rate of 1.90% APY.

This comes with no extra added fees and zero minimum balance.

Interestingly, if you sign up with them, they’ll offer between $150 – $200 depending on the amount you’ll deposit.

This incentive is rare to come across!

2. CIT Bank

Missing the top spot on the list, CIT Bank is the second best savings account in America.

They offer a Premier High 2.20% APY savings interest rate which is one of the very best in the market.

But in this account, you’ll need a bank account to be eligible for money transfer.

If you wish to open an account with this bank, you’ll need at least $100 to do that.

Interest rates are allocated on basis of the wealthiness of users’ account so, the fatter it is, the better the rates.

Based on reviews, the bank has received mixed reactions but overall, it is a decent choice.

1. Betterment

Betterment is the best savings account in America.

Though it is not a long standing financial institution, it certainly parades the best offers for savers.

They offer a Premier High 2.21% APY savings interest rate, which is the best in the market so far.

The account does not require any extra additional fees and no minimum balance is needed.

To enjoy the highest interest rate, you’ll be required to joined the waiting list for the checking account which they will be giving out.

It is optional and more so, the account is FDIC Insured; measuring up to $1,000,000.

The bank has a very good user interface and is very convenient for online users.

Its feedback is full of positive reviews and there is no account which you’ll likely get the most of your savings like this one!


That was all on the 10 best savings accounts in America.

As it seems, saving money could be hard and unattainable because of low rates but the above-mentioned banking institution offers the very best rate in America.

So, why not start saving today?

Quick Recap

  1. Betterment
  2. CIT Bank
  3. Discover Bank
  4. American Express Bank
  5. Synchrony
  6. Marcus By Goldman Sachs
  7. Ally Bank
  8. SOFI Money
  9. Capital One Bank
  10. FNBO Direct

Princewill Ubaha is an electrical engineer by profession, a content writer by perspiration, and an Akwa Ibomite by birth. He always believed that the habit of persistence is the habit of victory.

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