Bernt Bodal Net Worth: Elizabeth Vargas Ex-Husband?

Who is Bernt Bodal?

knowing more about Bernt Bbodal he is a model and a television activist he is well known for his massive achievement, the main source of his wealth is the success in his business before moving to music where he became famous. Bernt was born June 14 1953, currently, as of 2022, he is 68 years of age. he was brought up in Oslo, Norway. Forbes lists him among successful entrepreneurs.

The early life of Bernt Bodal 

Though we have not much info about his early life, the little info can go a long way for the research purpose. Bernt Bodal early life began in Norway where he was born, probably he finished his basic education alongside pursuing his career, meanwhile, he started with music when he joined the band host musical group.

In pursuing a musical career, Bernt has collaborated with some famous music stars which they together made three albums. Bernt’s parents left Norway and moved to the United States for a fishing industry job, following his parent made him also work in the fish farm, nonetheless, he acquires skills in the industry and other places.

Bernt Bodal’s career 

Bernt engaged in diverse menial jobs, notwithstanding, he was able to gather some money to start up a business of his, before starting his business market survey conducted by him and some expatriates including some multinational investors, he aim at making his business a global one.

Patterning his career, Bernt was once a CEO of American seafood in the year 1999, he held the position of a CEO till 2017. He served the company for 25 years before retiring in May 2017. As the CEO he works as chairman board of directors, holding a key position.

How rich is Elizabeth Vargas Ex-Husband (Bernt Bodal)

Elizabeth Vargas is a popular celebrity in the United States, she got married to Bernt Bodal, though the marriage didn’t last as supposed, her ex-husband Bernt Bodal, she lamented on how the marriage failed due to some personal reasons, they were married for 20 years and kept having issues for 3 three years part of the years of their marriage.

Bernt Bodal, who was a musician before going into business, the man is a well-talents man both in the business and music industry, he is list among the top best music celebrity, notwithstanding, he is rich and has an estimate net worth of $200 million.

After his divorce from Elizabeth Vargas, he as engaged with different ladies, though information reaching flash academy as not stated if he remarried or is still single, in due cost you will get updates about his marital status, nevertheless, he currently have a girlfriend name, Michelle Fox.  Click here to know more about celebrity riches.

Bernt Bodal net worth

The riches of Bernt Bodal are accesse from his success in the American seafood where is was the CEO also from the music world where he began his early career, after acquiring many properties he still mentioned among top richest individuals in the United States, coupled with the divorce with Elizabeth Vargas his ex-wife, as of 2022, the celebrity net worth is access $200 million.

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